Speech Surgery Procedures Kansas City

Majority of children with cleft palate are able to gain satisfactory speech after the initial repair of the cleft. However, hypernasal speech may be noticed in toddlers and children in grade schools. Sometimes aggressive surgical measures can lead to hyponasal speech. These two opposite situations may continue in adult life if left untreated or as a new occurrence unrelated to cleft palate.

At Singhal Plastic Surgery, Dr. Singhal, MD, FACS, FAAP has an amazing experience in taking care of either condition. He has successfully performed over 500 such procedures in Kansas City area and in developing countries to help children and adults gain an intelligible speech. He is proficient in all types of surgical procedures to correct Hypernasality such as Palatal lengthening, Sphincter Pharyngoplasty, Pharyngeal flap and a combination of these procedures as deemed appropriate. He is also proficient in correcting Hyponasality issues. There is usually just overnight stay in the hospital and recovery is uncomplicated.

Call Singhal plastic Surgery if your child or a loved one is struggling to attain an intelligible speech. Don’t just let them struggle! You will receive a wealth of encouraging and useful information at your appointment.

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