Secondary Cleft Lip and Nose Deformity

Majority of children with cleft lip and palate are able to gain satisfactory appearance and function from the initial repair of the cleft. However, persistent asymmetry or deformity may continue in toddlers and children in grade schools. Your child may have self-conscious, introverted or constantly wondering why he/she looks different from other children. There may be issues with normal breathing or sense of smell.

At Singhal Plastic Surgery, Dr. Singhal, MD, FACS, FAAP has an amazing experience in taking care of children and adults with this condition. He has successfully performed over 1500 such procedures in Kansas City area and in developing countries to help children and adults gain normal lip/nose function and self-confidence. He is proficient in all types of surgical procedures to correct unilateral or bilateral cleft lip and nose deformities. He has himself developed many of these predictable procedures for all complex deformities and also teaches these procedures around the world. There may be an overnight stay in the hospital and recovery is uncomplicated.

Call Singhal plastic Surgery if your child or a loved one is struggling to attain normal lip/nose function and or self-confidence. Don’t just let them struggle! You will receive a wealth of encouraging and useful information at your appointment.

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